Manju’s business is thriving

October 31, 2016

This is Manju, she’s flourishing at her shop stall because of a loan WWR gave her.


Lease extended

June 19, 2013

Lease extended

We are delighted to let you know that we have just extended our lease agreement for Grace Women’s Home for another two years.

Two new ladies who need our help

June 7, 2013

Both these ladies need sponsors for £15 per month.

Tragically Bishnu Maya’s husband and daughter died in a gas explosion in their room, she is on her own now.

Bishnu_Maya Shrestha

Maya’s husband disappeared when her daughter was just two years old and she has struggled to look after them both since then. Her daughter is now 14 years old.

Maya Tamang2

Introducing Kanchhi Maya

March 22, 2013

Introducing Kanchhi Maya

This is Kanchhi Maya; she is 31 years old and has a five year old son. Her husband disappeared a few years ago and has not been heard of since. Her in-laws treat her very badly and she works as a labourer on construction sites even though she suffers from asthma. We require a sponsor for her, it costs just £15 and will be sufficient to pay her rent as well as cover treatment for her asthma. Please contact us if you can help. Thank you.

Training in Nepal

March 6, 2013

Here are photos of our women participating in training given to them at Grace Women’s Home. It’s great to see that some of the women are standing at the front themselves and fully taking part. They are clearly feeling empowered and it’s great to see.




Manju and her scooter

January 4, 2013

Thank you so much to Dayspring Church (Wiltshire, UK) for providing the funds to purchase this scooter for Manju, she will be able to help more women now as her travel time will be reduced.  She burst into tears when Renee, one of our trustees, gave her the money.

Manju and her new scooter

Manju and her new scooter

WWR welcomes two new women

November 29, 2012
Two new ladies were referred to us today.  This is the first: her name is Maiya and her husband simply disappeared over a decade ago.  She bought up her four children on her own, two of whom are now married.  The other two are teenagers and live with her – they survive in one very basic room but her sacrifice has allowed her to keep her children in school.  She is a very worthy recipient of our support and we really hope to be able to help her.


And this is Hasta, the other lady who joined WWR this week.  She is just 34 years old and her husband died five months ago from a heartattack.  She has three children who depend on her, all of them teenagers and she suffers from many health problems herself.  Please do pray for her and her family.


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