A chance to help an earthquake widow

July 12, 2015

We thought you would be interested to read this story of a woman WWR has just started to help, thanks to your generous donations following the earthquake we have been able to help her already.  This is her story, more than anything we ask you to please pray for her.

Sumitra Rai

Sumitra used to live in Kuleshor, Kathmandu with her husband Satrughan and daughter Surupa. Her husband used to work in Civil Mall for family daily bread. She also used to work as care giver in a school but in temporary basis but she had left that job because of daughter’s school. She was searching another job after daughter’s school starts. But entire situation has been changed suddenly after 25thApril 2015.
On that day, earthquake struck without any warning. She was at church service with her daughter that time. Husband had night duty and that time he was at home sleeping. After earthquake, she gave a telephone call in his mobile phone but he did not receive that. He had night duty that night too and she and her daughter were terrifying so much so Sumitra went to her relative’s house with her daughter. From there she gave several telephone calls but he did not received phone. Then they went to her rented room to check the situation. She found that the house where they were was completely collapsed due to earthquake. The people from neighborhood told her that there was couple of people inside trapped or dead. The debris from that house completely buried her household stuffs and possessions. The only thing she had were the clothes she was wearing. She tried to search for her husband at relative’s houses and every hospital in Kathmandu but she did not find him. Then she had a doubt that he was buried under the debris of destroyed house.
Nepal Army, police and other relief workers tried to search for her husband on the debris from the second day of major earthquake. After four days of hard works of Armies, Polices, her relatives and other rescue workers, they found the dead body of her husband trapped under that destroyed house. This had been taken out after 4 days. Nepal Police gave her the death certificate and the dead body of her husband. Beside that she did not get any relief from government.
She lost not only her husband but lost all possessions. She was not in condition to search of her stuffs from the debris as she was in grief. After a week she tried to search of her stuffs from the debris but she found that all of her stuffs were stolen at night or taken by my neighbors pretending as their possessions. Now she is on the refuge of her relatives. She became widow and has nothing left. She had lost not only her husband but all the household utensils and possessions as well.
She had just admitted herself on class ONE at Prerana School as she had great desire to learn read and write. But it seems very hard for her to continue it. She is helpless by every mean and not able to survive without support from others.
Sumitra is a committed member of Bethsaida Church – Nepal. Originally she is from Makwanpur district. She is from a back ward ethnic group and she has never been to school. She is 27 years old and has one daughter of 6 years.

WWR is desperately trying to find her somewhere to live and will replace all her household goods.  Please pray that a suitable place will be found as available rooms are hard to find since so many were destroyed.  She is in need of a sponsor, which costs £15 per month, but most importantly will commit to pray for her regularly.  Please contact us if you can help, thank you.


New referral

December 12, 2014

If you are interested in sponsoring a woman for either £15 or $30 per month then we have several women who need sponsors.  Swasthani is the latest woman to be referred to us.  She is a widow and has three daughters to support, one of whom is often sick.  She says “Seeing my daughter sick I always cry from inside….Day and night I am now worried…There is no one to listen my problem”.


If you are able to help please contact us anna@wwr-Nepal.org

Thank you.

Moving words

August 31, 2014

These moving words (that I hope can be read) record the way a new lady called Chanda feels about her life. She is in her 30s and was married for just one year before her husband died. She has no children and faces a life alone as a widow. Already a member of a low caste she will face further ostracism for being a widow as she now perceived as being ‘unlucky’. Chanda is in need of a sponsor for £15 per month. Please e-mail anna@wwr-Nepal.org if you can help. Thanks.
Chanda's description of her life2

Social stigma of being a widow in Nepal

August 12, 2014

Great article explaining the social stigma of being a widow in Nepal. Many of the women we help are treated like this by their family and community. http://www.trust.org/item/20140613072813-71xlf/?source=gep

Meet Janaki

May 14, 2013

This lady, Janaki, has been referred to WWR in Nepal. She is 60 years old, has been a widow for a long while and works selling vegetables on the street. She can not afford to pay her room rent so WWR will be supporting her; please let us know if you would like to sponsor her for £15 per month. Thank you.


Some sad and shocking news

August 3, 2010

Please pray for Gyanu, one of the older ladies we support.  She was returning home on Wednesday and some boys stopped her to rob her.  She did not have any money to give them so they made her hand over her gold earrings – an heirloom. 

Gyanu, a widow, was deeply upset over this and somewhat traumatised.  Please pray that she would find peace and know that she is loved, both by us and Jesus.

Gyanu at her pavement stall

The Living Dead – Channel 4 highlights the plight of widows in Nepal

November 16, 2009

If you have a spare 25 minutes please make time to watch the latest edition of Unreported World on Channel 4, it is available to view at the ‘4On Demand’ website for the next 27 days (until 13th December 2009).  I warn you though, it will make you cry.

The presenter Yemi Ipaye visits a number of child widows living in the South-West of the country.  Their situations are desperate.  One girl was married at 11 and widowed at 13.  She was married off at a young age because the dowry paid by the parents is less the younger the bride is.  Now she is viewed as a burden by her parents who beat and verbally abuse her; she will not be married again as she is now perceived as being bad luck and is blamed for the death of her husband.  Like many widows she may need to resort to prostitution to provide for herself.

The Hindu belief in reincarnation makes it clear that bad luck in this life is determined by past sins in a previous life.  Therefore young widows are ostracised by society and insulted, they are treated as if they were evil and are isolated and become the ‘living dead’, the title of the program.  In the past in Nepal sati was practiced.  This is the ritual suicide of a wife when her husband dies.  It was carried out by the widow climbing onto the funeral pyre of her husband and burning alive.  The practice was outlawed across Nepal and India a century ago but the prejudice and stigma that enforced it remains today.  It seems that a widow’s life is worth nothing.

A widow in Kathmandu described how she had been asked to leave her home when her landlord discovered she was a widow.  Now she no longer tells anyone, simply lying that her husband is working overseas.  She is impoverished and has had to send her two children to an orphanage because she can not look after them. 

Women Without Roofs supports women that are on their own either because they are widowed or their husband is missing.  Please help us to help more women like these.

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