A brilliant day!

March 24, 2015

What a brilliant day! Today one of our new ladies and her crippled son moved out of a slum and into a beautiful room that WWR has been able to furnish for them. They have no possessions of their own. It has taken a couple of weeks to find a room for them because several landlords did not want a cripple living in their property, but our wonderful staff persisted and a room was found! 
[Incidentally, if you are a student lawyer there is great need for more people to work on behalf of tenants in developing countries to protect their rights. In this case landlords were discriminatory against her disabled son and we have known cases where women have had their cooking stoves and belongings confiscated by nasty landlords. In one extreme case a woman was even raped when she couldn’t pay her rent – he exacted ‘payment in kind’. The rights of vulnerable tenants need to be protected and hardly anyone is working to change this – could you help?]

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A mother is too poor to help her son

February 26, 2015

Can anyone sponsor this woman? She currently lives in a slum, though we are trying to find her a better place to live. Her son suffered from typhoid as a child and consequently is now paralysed; he cannot walk or stand. If she was not so poor she could have afforded treatment for him so that he didn’t become paralysed. It must have been horrific for her to watch him suffer.

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