Renee is in Nepal

January 16, 2011

Renee, one of the trustees in is Kathmandu right now, she writes:

I have visited ladies from WWR this week. Some stories are real success stories but others remain heartbreaking. We have a new deaf lady (62) who is all alone, having had leprosy and being rejected because of this by her brothers. Her “friends” in life are her hens and ducks which roam freely in her room, including her bed. One hen was sick; she walked for two hours to get hen medicine. On leaving her room she gave us 11 eggs. We did not want to take them, but not to would offend her. The lady has nothing in life and yet she gave us all that she had. We had been given the opportunity to be life- givers to her by taking food and WWR have provided a hearing aid for her. We hope we have been able to put our faith into action. We will continue to do what we can for her, but it was a very humbling and distressing visit for us.

Please pray for Renee, and all the women we support, that we can determine how best to help them.


New Woman

March 12, 2009

We are growing all the time and take on the support of new women frequently.  This is the moving story of the latest woman we have taken on:

She has three children aged 15,13 and 10. They are originally from Rolpa. They came to Kathmandu 7 years ago. Her husband went to Malaysia for work and after a few months he was sick and was supposed to return to Nepal. But he did not come back and was not in Malaysia. She asked her husband’s friend where he was and they told her that he had already come back to Nepal. But he has not arrived.  So she has lost her husband, since then she has done household work to survive. She has to work at 4 houses. At one house, they lost their 10 tola (tola is a Nepali measurment) gold worth Rs 250,000 (approx £2000). It was blamed on her. They beat her and took her to the police station. She said she did not take the gold. The policeman also did not get any proof. Then the other 3 houses also did not give her work, so nowadays she does not have work. She has been unable to pay her rent too. She is a Christian.

Please help us to support women in these dreadful situations either by making a one-off donation or, even better, by sponsoring one of them for £10 per month.  Please see the ‘Contact Us’ page for how to do this.  Thank you.

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