Jaimashi Garments

May 9, 2012
Winnie, who lives in Seaford, got in contact with WWR out of the blue and after some prayer and thoughtful questioning travelled to Kathmandu last month to spend two weeks with our ladies and inspired them to make these 100 garments.  Please get in contact if you would like to buy them, sell them on our behalf or would even like to travel to Nepal to set up your own business with our ladies!
Jaimashi is the Nepali Christian greeting, it’s a great label!

One of the manay beautiful garments made in Nepal


A thank you from one of our women

March 1, 2011

This lovely letter has just arrived from the daughter of one of the women we help in Kathmandu. The English isn’t perfect, but I’m sure you will sense the deep gratitude that she conveys. Thanks to all our supporters who make it possible for us to help families like this.

We want to give thank from our family that your family have support us to pay rent.  But if you had not we will be at the street somewhere wandering.  Thank a lot again.  So, in this letter I want to tell you somethings about my family.  We have five members of our family…. First my Father and Mother, they were separated when I was small.  So, my Mum was always worried and wandering about our life.  Many problems we face in our life, because of that my Mum get depression diseases, she will not know what we tell to her and also she can’t express her feeling but somehow she is healed by Lord Jesus Christ.  Now, she carried little things to the road ways and sell and earn some money, but am very scared and worried of her life because she had diseases….and no one to look after her but by the grace of God and by your help she is OK, so thank you again…..I have express some of my family problem, please pray for us, we need a lot of prayer for my family….We are really joyful and thankful for your great help.

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