Manju and her scooter

Thank you so much to Dayspring Church (Wiltshire, UK) for providing the funds to purchase this scooter for Manju, she will be able to help more women now as her travel time will be reduced.  She burst into tears when Renee, one of our trustees, gave her the money. Advertisements

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Bina has collected her Scooter

Bina, our Nepali assistant, is now the proud owner of a new Scooter paid for in part by Women Without Roofs – Nepal.  It will enable her to visit the women we support in Kathmandu more easily and frequently, enabling us to provide them with greater support when they need it. Doesn’t she look smart?!

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A Scooter for Bina

Bina, our reliable and caring co-ordinator in Kathmandu, Nepal, will shortly be the proud owner of a new silver Scooter, bought, in part, by WWR. The new Scooter, pictured below, will allow her to get around Kathmandu far more easily than she has been by bus. This means she will be able to visit the […]

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