MPs visit Grace Womens Home

February 7, 2015

Renee, Terry, our staff and ladies were delighted to welcome Jeremy Lefroy MP (far left) and Fiona Bruce MP (not in the photo) to Grace Women’s Home near Kathmandu today. It was a fantastic day, in beautiful sunshine, that everyone enjoyed. The MPs were there during a visit of the International Development Committee to Nepal.

A bright and sunny day at Grace Women's home. Jeremy Lefroy MP stands far left.

A bright and sunny day at Grace Women’s home. Jeremy Lefroy MP stands far left.


Our latest newsletter

September 8, 2014

Pictures of ladies for newsletter sep 14

Dear All,
It is always a pleasure to write to all of our supporters, some of you have been helping WWR for many years now and some of you are new to us. Thank you to you all. This newsletter comes to you for the first time from America as I (Anna) moved here in May, we are probably here for a couple of years, but who knows!
I thought I would write about sponsorship this time. Most of you sponsor a particular woman or a particular project that we run (if you are in doubt please get in touch!) Regular sponsorship is the foundation on which all WWR’s activities are built and we are so thankful for it. We know that sponsors enjoy the updates on the women that Renee sends each year when she visits them – thanks Renee!
Some donors have said they would like to do more to help the women they sponsor, so it seems like a good idea to let you know what you could do, though these are all optional so don’t feel under any obligation to do them.
If you would like to write to the lady you support that would be wonderful as they find it so encouraging. If you are able to enclose a photo that’s even better as most of our ladies are illiterate. Please keep letters short so our staff can translate them easily. If you would like to write to the lady you sponsor please e-mail who will provide you with the address.
As for gifts, it is impossible to send anything from the UK to Nepal as parcels go missing so often, but if you would like to donate an extra amount for something specific, such as clothes, cooking items or children’s school supplies then you can do this. You may donate up to £20 no more than every six months to the lady you sponsor, any more than this may create tensions between women who do receive gifts and those that don’t.
Finally, there is the option to visit the woman you sponsor or the project you support! Tourism is such a valuable revenue stream for Nepal and a key part of their economy, so if you are thinking about going, why not?
if you have been reading this but don’t yet sponsor a woman then the good news is that we currently have five ladies who are in need of your help. Sponsorship is £15 per month and gives the woman security to know that she has somewhere safe to live and if she needs help she has someone to turn to.
Each of these ladies has difficult challenges that they face and their stories can’t easily be summarised. However, in brief, Jamuna and Chanda are widows, Beena and her three children were abandoned, Maya has never married and Sita believes her husband was murdered. Beyond these basic facts are stories of intense suffering and if you are interested in knowing more or sponsoring one of them please let us know.
Liking our Facebook page is the best way to keep up with what WWR is doing in Nepal, please join us there if you haven’t already.
Thank you again for all your support and prayers.
In Christ,
Anna, Renee, Nic, Jan & Marilyn, the trustees of WWR

Update on Purna

January 9, 2013

Renee, one of our trustees, has been in Nepal for a couple of months.  She visited Purna today and writes about her visit:

I went to see Purna and found her in bed, cold and complaining of back pain. Purna burst into tears, so it was not a good start to the visit.  Purna is not alone in being cold.  The winter is the coldest for five years and yesterday the newspaper reported 41 deaths alone in Kathmandu.  Many people stay in bed huddled in blankets.  It makes us sad as there is nothing we can do.

On a good note, Purnas son was there.  I have not met him until now. His name is Mana (very nice name I thought— as Manna from heaven) He is kind and attentive to Purna.  He helps her with washing and toileting (I don’t think she gets undressed) the toilet, shared between three families is immaculate.  Water is carried to the room.  Mana made us a drink of tea and produced some biscuits.  Very welcome.

Purna’s sponsor family photo is on the wall, smiling down into the room.  We talked about them and Purna brightened up which pleased me no end.  Purna opened the gifts and especially liked the bracelets.   WWR also give each lady a Christmas gift.

The people from Church visit Purna often so that brightens her day.  We prayed together and she prays for her sponsors daily.

I feel sure Purna will be better once the weather warms up and she can get out—just a few more weeks.

Purna keeping warm

Purna keeping warm


Manju and her scooter

January 4, 2013

Thank you so much to Dayspring Church (Wiltshire, UK) for providing the funds to purchase this scooter for Manju, she will be able to help more women now as her travel time will be reduced.  She burst into tears when Renee, one of our trustees, gave her the money.

Manju and her new scooter

Manju and her new scooter

Hello and Goodbye

January 8, 2012

Terry and Renee, one of our trustees, have arrived safely in Nepal and in time for a farewell service for Lisa, one of our Nepali staff who is coming to England to work.

An emotional, yet happy time, was had by all.

Renee is in Nepal

January 16, 2011

Renee, one of the trustees in is Kathmandu right now, she writes:

I have visited ladies from WWR this week. Some stories are real success stories but others remain heartbreaking. We have a new deaf lady (62) who is all alone, having had leprosy and being rejected because of this by her brothers. Her “friends” in life are her hens and ducks which roam freely in her room, including her bed. One hen was sick; she walked for two hours to get hen medicine. On leaving her room she gave us 11 eggs. We did not want to take them, but not to would offend her. The lady has nothing in life and yet she gave us all that she had. We had been given the opportunity to be life- givers to her by taking food and WWR have provided a hearing aid for her. We hope we have been able to put our faith into action. We will continue to do what we can for her, but it was a very humbling and distressing visit for us.

Please pray for Renee, and all the women we support, that we can determine how best to help them.

Help WWR mark International Women’s Day

March 8, 2010
International Women’s Day
Today, 8th March 2010, marks the centenary year of International Women’s Day and Women Without Roofs – Nepal would like you to invite you to remember all the women in Nepal we help.   Recently we have begun supporting several new women and this is a story about just one of them:
Meet Uma

Uma with her family

 She is 31 yrs old and has 3 children. 11 yrs daughter, 7 yrs boy and 6 years boy.  Her husband left her about 5 yrs ago and took her 6 yrs son with him.  Her husband has another wife.   Now she is living with just 2 of her children.  She works at a carpet factory and lives in one room and cooks on a kerosene stove and has no good bedding for sleep.  Her daughter goes to school but she does not have money for her 7 yrs boy to go to school, so he does not go to school.  She needs also support from WWR.

Womenswear for WWR

Renee, one of our trustees, will shortly be leaving for a visit to Kathmandu and it would be fantastic if she could take some gifts to the women who have so little.  Almost all of the women have never owned new clothes and we would love to provide them this basic luxury, that we take for granted.  We would be hugely grateful, if you our supporters, could purchase just one new item of clothing, perhaps a t-shirt, pair of socks or cardigan and send it to Renee (or give to Anna or Marilyn) for her to take to the women.  Perhaps you could select something for them next time you do your supermarket shop, it need not be expensive, for instance M&S sell fairtrade t-shirts for just £5.


1. Clothing should be between the UK sizes of 10 to 16 and sizes 12 and 14 would be most useful.

2.  Clothing should be new, we know you probably have lots of 2nd-hand clothing we could pass on, but we would really like to treat the women to something new and Renee only has limited space in her luggage allowance.

3.  The women in general wear Nepali clothes and so it would be most useful for them to have something they could layer such as a t-shirt or cardigan.

4.  The deadline for clothing items to reach Renee is Friday 19th March.  Please e-mail us at for the address to send items to.

5.  Should you wish to hand Marilyn (in Reading) or Anna (in Watchfield, nr Swindon) the items for them to post on with other garments that have been collected, then the deadline is Monday 15th March.  Please e-mail for their addresses also. 

6.  If you sponsor a specific woman and would like the garment to go particularly to her then please write her name and yours on the label.  

Thank you so much for you support.  We really do appreciate it and know that it makes such a huge difference to the lives of the women in Nepal, all of whom burst into tears whenever we give them a gift!  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions.  

With our heartfelt thanks,

 Anna, Renee and Marilyn

The Trustees of WWR

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