Urgent prayer request

March 22, 2017

Please pray for this lady, Sarita, who took an overdose on Saturday.  WWR helped to admit her to hospital, where she was regrettably chained to the bed, and we have also sought the help of KOSHISH our mental health partner.  However, her condition is still not stable and she has had to be re-admitted to a different hospital.

Sarita Palpali khadka2

Please pray for wisdom for our hardworking personnel and the medical staff treating her.  Pray that she will be back to full mental and physical health very soon.

Thank you.


Update on Purna

January 9, 2013

Renee, one of our trustees, has been in Nepal for a couple of months.  She visited Purna today and writes about her visit:

I went to see Purna and found her in bed, cold and complaining of back pain. Purna burst into tears, so it was not a good start to the visit.  Purna is not alone in being cold.  The winter is the coldest for five years and yesterday the newspaper reported 41 deaths alone in Kathmandu.  Many people stay in bed huddled in blankets.  It makes us sad as there is nothing we can do.

On a good note, Purnas son was there.  I have not met him until now. His name is Mana (very nice name I thought— as Manna from heaven) He is kind and attentive to Purna.  He helps her with washing and toileting (I don’t think she gets undressed) the toilet, shared between three families is immaculate.  Water is carried to the room.  Mana made us a drink of tea and produced some biscuits.  Very welcome.

Purna’s sponsor family photo is on the wall, smiling down into the room.  We talked about them and Purna brightened up which pleased me no end.  Purna opened the gifts and especially liked the bracelets.   WWR also give each lady a Christmas gift.

The people from Church visit Purna often so that brightens her day.  We prayed together and she prays for her sponsors daily.

I feel sure Purna will be better once the weather warms up and she can get out—just a few more weeks.

Purna keeping warm

Purna keeping warm


Prayer trip to Nepal, organised by Tearfund

January 10, 2012

Tearfund is organising a prayer trip to Nepal at the start of April that includes a visit to Kathmandu.  At the moment there are not enough people signed up for the trip to make it viable.  So, if you have ever thought about going to Nepal, and would like to do so in the company of praying Christians, this is your chance!

Do get in contact with Tearfund if you are interested, more information can be found on their Prayer Trips webpage.

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