Urgent prayer request

March 22, 2017

Please pray for this lady, Sarita, who took an overdose on Saturday.  WWR helped to admit her to hospital, where she was regrettably chained to the bed, and we have also sought the help of KOSHISH our mental health partner.  However, her condition is still not stable and she has had to be re-admitted to a different hospital.

Sarita Palpali khadka2

Please pray for wisdom for our hardworking personnel and the medical staff treating her.  Pray that she will be back to full mental and physical health very soon.

Thank you.


Sad news of a robbery

June 21, 2011

Sadly the home of one of our women was robbed.  Subhadra lost her clothes, cooking pots and gas stove.  She has nothing left.  Please do pray for her; we are doing our best to help.

A thank you from one of our women

March 1, 2011

This lovely letter has just arrived from the daughter of one of the women we help in Kathmandu. The English isn’t perfect, but I’m sure you will sense the deep gratitude that she conveys. Thanks to all our supporters who make it possible for us to help families like this.

We want to give thank from our family that your family have support us to pay rent.  But if you had not we will be at the street somewhere wandering.  Thank a lot again.  So, in this letter I want to tell you somethings about my family.  We have five members of our family…. First my Father and Mother, they were separated when I was small.  So, my Mum was always worried and wandering about our life.  Many problems we face in our life, because of that my Mum get depression diseases, she will not know what we tell to her and also she can’t express her feeling but somehow she is healed by Lord Jesus Christ.  Now, she carried little things to the road ways and sell and earn some money, but am very scared and worried of her life because she had diseases….and no one to look after her but by the grace of God and by your help she is OK, so thank you again…..I have express some of my family problem, please pray for us, we need a lot of prayer for my family….We are really joyful and thankful for your great help.

Some sad and shocking news

August 3, 2010

Please pray for Gyanu, one of the older ladies we support.  She was returning home on Wednesday and some boys stopped her to rob her.  She did not have any money to give them so they made her hand over her gold earrings – an heirloom. 

Gyanu, a widow, was deeply upset over this and somewhat traumatised.  Please pray that she would find peace and know that she is loved, both by us and Jesus.

Gyanu at her pavement stall

A new assistant in Nepal

June 2, 2010

We are pleased that Subhadra, one of the women we currently support and herself a single mother, will be joining Bina in Nepal as her new assistant. She will help with running errands and visiting and encouraging the other ladies we support.

Subhadra has been a single mother for a long time, her husband didn’t bother to come and pick her up from the hospital after she gave birth to her daughter! 

Subhadra’s daughter is now about 19 years old and is studying to be a nurse in Tansen at a mission hospital. Subhadra was incredibly proud of her and showed me a beautiful photo of her daughter looking very smart in a nurse’s uniform. Subhadra herself seemed like a wise Christian woman and very thankful for how WWR had helped her.

 We thought all this experince and success would be great for some of our younger and newly-single mothers to hear and sensed that Subhadra would be a good support to them. We will employ her to visit the women when Bina is busy and deliver items or small amounts of money to them as need be, we hope she will pray with them too.

Wise Subhadra

A message from the Cyrene Project

March 28, 2009

Greetings from Nepal.
First of all in Cyrene, it is fine.  In Cyrene training March 23rd we had graduation ceremony for both the basic and advanced training courses where in all there were 42 trainees.  Our new sessions will start from march 30th so please pray for this.  this is all because WWR support and help.  It has helped many unemployed ladies to change their life style.  May God bless you all.
At the graduation ceremony there was Terry and Renee 
(one of our trustees).  The certificate of completion was distributed by them.


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