Manju’s business is thriving

October 31, 2016

This is Manju, she’s flourishing at her shop stall because of a loan WWR gave her.


Please read this fantastic story about one of our women, Hasta Kumari

March 4, 2015

She came to us 5 months after the death of her husband. She has 3 children. Hasta Kumari herself was not well most of the time. She had been to hospital many times for her treatment. She did household work for others and only just survived. It was a difficult time for her.


Now we are supporting her with room rent, and child benefit for 3 children.
At Grace Women’s home we gave training for women’s empowerment, she felt she can do work. So, as you know, we have a saving group. She took the loan from the group Rs, 5000 (£35/$50). Then ran a small tea and snacks shop near by her room. She is doing good business at that. She can sell the worth of around 1500 rs per day. She already returned back Rs. 5000 plus interest. On this month she took again Rs. 20000 from the group and she wants to expand the shop.

Nowadays she is happy and also no need to go the hospital frequently like before and is easily providing for her family too.


A new woman and her story

June 26, 2011

If you are wondering what situations our women find themselves in and why they need help then read on.  This is the story of a new woman who has just been referred to us, it is in her own words:

I am 35 yrs old.  I used to live in a village along with my son, daughter and husband.  We were farmer and my husband was carpenter but unfortunately my husband had suffered from throat cancer. We took lots of loan from villagers and brought him to Kathmandu for his treatment, but it was too late and he took rest in the Lord.  Because of my poverty  my sister in law took my daughter with her for her bright future.

When I was in miserable condition one of the bad man misbehaved me and he had rapped me. Then I could not able to faced out to the villagers, he destroyed not only my life but entire my family social life.
In our society  what ever be the matter the villagers had blamed women they accused me characterless women and locked me at my house, my brother in law took my son along with him then I was completely alone. I did not have any other alternative so I got forcefully married with the same man who raped me. My stories doesn’t end here after marriage, I had got one daughter from him. I had got physically and mentally torture from my new husband and my in laws.  It was intolerable to me so I ran away from their and I divorce him and settle to the my new life  along with my daughter.  I started to work as a maid to earn my livelihood. Still my life is going on sorrow and pain.
Please pray for me.

If you’d like to understand more about forced marriage then this book, the story of one Nepali woman, can help:

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