After monsoon ☔ and after Covid. A time for new beginnings?

Dare I mention it? Is the Covid crisis over for Nepal? I certainly hope so. Case numbers have stabilised, and there are less than ten deaths each day. Questions remain about the reliability of these numbers, though.

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The publisher said yes!

Come with me to kathmandu I am delighted to let you know that I have just signed a publishing contract with Authentic Media for a book about Christian women in Nepal. The book will be released towards the end of 2022.  ‘Come with me to Kathmandu’ will contain twelve chapters, six of which I have […]

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The Crisis on our Doorstep

Our good friends work at Patan Hospital and have permitted us to share this update on the Covid situation. It is harrowing reading. Patan hospital regularly treats our ladies, and this is where they would most likely go if they contracted Coronavirus. Last year, during the first Covid wave, our friends provided a similar update […]

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Washing Habits

We have been taking part in research for The Washing Machine Project. Each of our ladies has been interviewed about how they currently wash their clothes. All of them wash by hand in plastic bowls. The findings are both fascinating and sad. On average, our women began washing clothes for their families at the age […]

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Look at our new home!

Just over two weeks ago, our residential ladies moved to a new women’s home. It’s perfect for us and has fantastic views. Here are some shots that Bina took from the office on the first floor. The landlord at our previous home gave us notice a few months ago as he wanted to sell his […]

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Little Princes

WWR is about to seek advice from Next Generation Nepal, who are involved in the rescue of children from orphanages. Running an orphanage in Nepal can be so profitable that their owners/managers dupe families into sending their children to them to make more money. More ‘orphans’ means more income and donations. These same owners/managers also […]

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Rural Rehabilitation Home

It was great to visit Koshish’ construction site today, about 40 minutes outside Kathmandu. Koshish Nepal has a vision to create a rurally located rehabilitation home for those they help with mental health problems. We prayed for the construction and all those they will assist that will live there.

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