HIV clear!

We’ve just had wonderful news from Kathmandu. One of our women and her two daughters do not have HIV! Their husband/father died of AIDs and it is great that the disease was not passed on to them. God is good.

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Newly bereaved woman

This woman and her family have just been referred to us in Nepal, we don’t have all the details yet but know that the father died of HIV/Aids only a few weeks ago. We’ll let you know when we find out more and how we plan to help them. The mother’s name is Sarita, please […]

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HIV/Aids training

We are pleased to be able to take care of a lady with HIV at our Grace Women’s Home – her former husband transmitted the disease to her.  She moved in last week and we provided all the ladies at the home training and education about HIV/Aids and how best to take care of her.  […]

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Congratulations to Samajhdari

WWR sends its congratulations to Equal Access Nepal, the makers of radio program Samajhdari, that has just won the One World Media Special Award.  The program highlights the issues vulnerable women, just like those we help, face in Nepal.  Samajhdari (meaning “Mutual Understanding”) is a 30-minute weekly radio programme in Nepal that regularly reaches up to […]

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