The current residents of Grace Women’s Home

April 5, 2017

Don’t they look great?

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MPs visit Grace Womens Home

February 7, 2015

Renee, Terry, our staff and ladies were delighted to welcome Jeremy Lefroy MP (far left) and Fiona Bruce MP (not in the photo) to Grace Women’s Home near Kathmandu today. It was a fantastic day, in beautiful sunshine, that everyone enjoyed. The MPs were there during a visit of the International Development Committee to Nepal.

A bright and sunny day at Grace Women's home. Jeremy Lefroy MP stands far left.

A bright and sunny day at Grace Women’s home. Jeremy Lefroy MP stands far left.

The Big Give Challenge – Double your donation to Women Without Roofs

December 2, 2014


Dear All,

We know that at this time there are lots of demands on your time and money but we hope you won’t mind us asking you to consider Women Without Roofs as well. We are delighted to let you know that we have been accepted for the Big Give Challenge this year.  This means that if you donate to us at 10am (GMT) on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday this week (4th, 5th or 6th December) you donations to us will be doubled!

All you need to do is visit this website

as soon after 10am to be in with the best chance of having your donation doubled.  The matching funds will run out each day so please be quick!

Funds donated will go towards Grace Women’s Home that continues to run smoothly and helps women in the most vulnerable of circumstances.  Our prayer has always been that the home will be a place where women who have faced ostracism and violence will instead experience love, joy, peace, patience and kindness.

With funding for the home secured this will allow WWR to focus efforts and resources on new projects.  There is a desperate lack of mental health provision in Nepal and we have been partnering with an organisation called Koshish since the start of the year to help fill this gap.  Our hope is that in 2015 we can increase our involvement with them and recruit a new staff member to focus on this issue.

There is another new project in the pipeline that we will use to give work experience and training to those of our ladies that wish to work in the tourism industry – a vital and growing component of Nepal’s economy.  So, if you were thinking of visiting Nepal, watch this space, and maybe this will be your chance to go!

Thank you for reading this far – we hope you can donate to us online this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, please put a reminder in your diary now for 10am!  Even the smallest amount helps.

We wish you a very joyful advent.

With our thanks,

Anna, Renee, Marilyn, Jan & Nic

The Trustees of WWR

Lease extended

June 19, 2013

Lease extended

We are delighted to let you know that we have just extended our lease agreement for Grace Women’s Home for another two years.

Training in Nepal

March 6, 2013

Here are photos of our women participating in training given to them at Grace Women’s Home. It’s great to see that some of the women are standing at the front themselves and fully taking part. They are clearly feeling empowered and it’s great to see.




Needs Assessment and Identification

November 20, 2012

On Sunday Manju, one of our very bright and talented staff members, organised a training needs identification day at Grace Women’s Home.  It was incredibly well attended by so many of our ladies.  Manju did a wonderful job listening to them and encouraging them to identify how WWR can further help them.  There will be training to follow.


Our ladies listening attentively


Working in small groups


A list of the identified training needs – in Nepali!


WWR is creating winners

October 1, 2012

We are absolutely delighted that three girls who live with their mothers at Grace Women’s Home have won prizes in an inter-school competition.  Until two years ago these girls were not in school and were visibly malnourished – now they are champions!  It costs just £4 per month to keep a child in school; please do consider if you could set up a regular payment to help WWR give children a chance.  Education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty.  Visit to set up a regular payment.

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