A Thankful Church

October 12, 2015

WWR was able to help this church repair its roof that collapsed during the earthquake. It is the location of our sewing and literacy course and the congregation is delighted we have been able to help. This has just arrived from their pastor “Everyone from our church are very honoured and grateful to you and ur team that you have helped our church.last Saturday I gave the amount to church and everyone were so happy and they have said that convey the team that we are very thankful…god bless them and their ministries and prayed for u all.”

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Update on Purna

January 9, 2013

Renee, one of our trustees, has been in Nepal for a couple of months.  She visited Purna today and writes about her visit:

I went to see Purna and found her in bed, cold and complaining of back pain. Purna burst into tears, so it was not a good start to the visit.  Purna is not alone in being cold.  The winter is the coldest for five years and yesterday the newspaper reported 41 deaths alone in Kathmandu.  Many people stay in bed huddled in blankets.  It makes us sad as there is nothing we can do.

On a good note, Purnas son was there.  I have not met him until now. His name is Mana (very nice name I thought— as Manna from heaven) He is kind and attentive to Purna.  He helps her with washing and toileting (I don’t think she gets undressed) the toilet, shared between three families is immaculate.  Water is carried to the room.  Mana made us a drink of tea and produced some biscuits.  Very welcome.

Purna’s sponsor family photo is on the wall, smiling down into the room.  We talked about them and Purna brightened up which pleased me no end.  Purna opened the gifts and especially liked the bracelets.   WWR also give each lady a Christmas gift.

The people from Church visit Purna often so that brightens her day.  We prayed together and she prays for her sponsors daily.

I feel sure Purna will be better once the weather warms up and she can get out—just a few more weeks.

Purna keeping warm

Purna keeping warm


Thank you Dayspring

December 15, 2008

Yesterday Anna was interviewed during the Dayspring church christmas carol service in Chippenham about how Women Without Roofs was first established – find out more on the ‘About Us’ page.

It was a great opportunity to talk about how the initial generosity of one missionary in Nepal has led to many women being supported and blessed by the funds raised by Women Without Roofs here in England.  We have expanded steadily and now run two sewing courses that teach the women how to support themselves through home sewing businesses.

The church also presented her with a generous donation that will pay for the blankets that we are handing out to all the women we support this christmas.

Anna being interviewed

Anna being interviewed

We’d be more than happy to talk to you about our work; please contact Anna on anna@wwr-nepal.org

Warm for Christmas

December 9, 2008

Women Without Roofs is pleased to announce that it will be giving a Christmas present to each of the women we support in Nepal.  The women will receive a new warm blanket to help them through the cold days and nights in Kathmandu, where homes have no heating.

This has been made possible by a generous donation from Dayspring church, Wiltshire (www.dayspring.org.uk).

Photos of the women with their blankets will follow soon!

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