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May 6, 2011

Have you seen the video about our new building project yet?  It’s only three minutes long and can be found here:

Light and airy rooms for our ladies


An Amazing Opportunity

April 19, 2011
We have great news to share with you; doesn’t this look like a beautiful place to live?!
We have been thinking of setting up a home to house our women for a while, and this centre is available for us to rent.  It is at the edge of Kathmandu Valley in an unspoilt and unpolluted location.
The benefits:
20 women could live there and provide company to each other; we hope to provide their meals too.  Unlike the rooms that they currently live in, there is running water and we will install a
back-up electricity source so that they won’t be plunged into darkness during the many powercuts.  The building is far safer in an earthquake than the delapidated buildings the women live in in heavily built up Kathmandu.
It costs £650 per month and so we are looking for 65 people to give £10 per month to make it possible.
Please consider if you can help us, as you know we are only a small charity.  Please e-mail Anna at if you can help.
Want to see more, take a look at GoogleEarth:,85.389712&spn=0.001326,0.001778&z=19
We have also made a video about the project which you can view here
Not only will your money be used to help to provide our women with a home, since we are renting the property from another charity called Restless Development ( they will use the funds we give them to assist them in their youth projects across Nepal – it’s a charity Two For One!

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