These are the stories of a few of the women we support, however their stories are typical and are given here to demonstrate the challenges Nepali women face. Often when we delve deeper into their pasts we find even greater levels of abuse and deprivation; sadly the women can be so traumatised that they are unable to speak of what has happened to them.

We do not include their photos so that they will not be identified and their privacy is protected.


Shanta is a 42 year old Christian lady and she has 2 children: a son and a daughter.  Her husband is addicted to alcohol and he beats her, although at the moment her husband is missing so she is the only provider for her family.  Sometimes she works in a Panipuri (Nepali street snack) shop and sometimes she can get household work, like washing clothes and cleaning homes etc.


Namaste, I’m Sita  and I’m from Dholakha, but now I live in Teku, Kathmandu. I was married and I have 2 sons & 1 daughter.  My husband died in 2008 when he was 28 years old. Somebody killed him and threw him in the river but we don’t know who did that crime.
Now I live with my children. I’m alone & I do labour. It is not enough for my family I only earn a small amount and my children are small they can’t do anything. They go to school but for many days I haven’t paid their school fees. I’m scared that the teacher will throw them out from school. Four people need a lot food.  Sometimes we don’t have food & without having food we go to bed. It’s so difficult for me when my kids cry for food & I have nothing to give them. I feel ashamed. I know that they also hope for good food, nice clothing & school, but what can I do? I try but I am not successful. I hope I can give them the things that they need. Sometimes when my children go out for school I stay in our room, close the door and cry all day. I want to share my problems but who will solve it? I am just thinking & I pray to God. I feel I am helpless. Nobody helps me & nobody wants to understand my problems. I hope that I will get help as soon as possible.


Khula is from Bhadaure and now lives in Kathmandu. Her husband died 6 years ago. She lives alone and is 69 years old and has 3 daughters . They are all married but they do not help their Mother. Presently she doesn’t have a job and nobody helps to pay house rent and food. She is struggling alone.


Lila is a Christian widow and disabled too, her husband died about five years ago because of cancer. They do not have any property. For the last three years she has suffered from paralysis and she cannot talk properly, she can only say “Ama Chhaina”, apart from those words she does not speak. She lives with her daughter in law, who is also a single. Her older daughter visits her once a week with some cookies, biscuits and to help her bath. She is also a single lady and does not have a good income. Lila needs help for room rent as well as medical expenses.


Sarita has two daughters and her husband died in 2014 of HIV/Aids.  It is likely that Sarita and her daughters also have HIV/Aids and because of this they have faced ostracism and discrimination.  Sarita is currently unable to work and her husband was the family’s only breadwinner before his death.

If you would like to sponsor one of these women, or someone like them, please contact us at  Sponsorship costs just £20 per month.


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