How To Help

We are always looking for new supporters to help us with our work.  It is possible to sponsor a woman for just £20 (or $30) per month – this amount is enough to pay a woman’s rent and some of their medical expenses – a little goes such a long way in Nepal!  Please contact Anna at if you would like to sponsor a woman, you will be given the name of a woman and receive regular updates about them.

Sometimes there is a waiting list for women and so we would appreciate your support for our other projects such as the Cyrene course, Grace Women’s Home and our shops.  We have other exciting plans that also require funds; do contact us about these and we will let you know how best to become involved.

Please note that gifts of more than £15 will be pooled for the benefit of all our women

Just recently we have also begun selling jewellery and cards made by a different set of women in Kathmandu from a craft cooperative.  We pay them a fair price for the jewellery then the profit we make when we sell them raises money for WWR.

One of the necklaces made by the craft cooperative
One of the necklaces made at the craft cooperative

If you could help sell jewellery such as this at craft fairs and school fetes we would be very grateful and can provide you with everything you need to do so.

We have an online shop with Fab & Fair, we receive 10% commission on everything bought from our webshop with them, click here to visit their shop:


Women Without Roofs – Nepal is registered as a charity with the charity commission; our charity number is 1132931.  If you pay tax and wish to make a donation, please let us know so that we can reclaim an extra 25% on the amount you give us.

If you receive tax repayments from the inland revenue and would like to donate them, or part of them, to WWR then our code for doing so on the Self Assessment Return website is GAT44PG.

Please see the Home page of our website for the latest news and updates.


2 thoughts on “How To Help

  1. I am planning to open a boutique shop. So do you guys take order of kurta and salwar ? I have seen you people have tailoring workshop. So please let me know if you take order. Thank you.


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