The current residents of Grace Women’s Home

April 5, 2017

Don’t they look great?

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Urgent prayer request

March 22, 2017

Please pray for this lady, Sarita, who took an overdose on Saturday.  WWR helped to admit her to hospital, where she was regrettably chained to the bed, and we have also sought the help of KOSHISH our mental health partner.  However, her condition is still not stable and she has had to be re-admitted to a different hospital.

Sarita Palpali khadka2

Please pray for wisdom for our hardworking personnel and the medical staff treating her.  Pray that she will be back to full mental and physical health very soon.

Thank you.

Dal Bhat Day

January 23, 2017


On International Women’s Day, which this year is on Wednesday 8th March, we’d love for you to join us in eating Dal (lentils) and Bhat (rice).  It is the staple food for our ladies and they eat it twice a day at around 11am and 7pm.
We’ll be in touch nearer the day with recipes and ideas.  We hope it will be a good opportunity for you to tell your friends about WWR and if possible to raise some funds by offering to cook Dal Bhat for people you know.

Manju’s business is thriving

October 31, 2016

This is Manju, she’s flourishing at her shop stall because of a loan WWR gave her.

A Thankful Church

October 12, 2015

WWR was able to help this church repair its roof that collapsed during the earthquake. It is the location of our sewing and literacy course and the congregation is delighted we have been able to help. This has just arrived from their pastor “Everyone from our church are very honoured and grateful to you and ur team that you have helped our church.last Saturday I gave the amount to church and everyone were so happy and they have said that convey the team that we are very thankful…god bless them and their ministries and prayed for u all.”

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A chance to help an earthquake widow

July 12, 2015

We thought you would be interested to read this story of a woman WWR has just started to help, thanks to your generous donations following the earthquake we have been able to help her already.  This is her story, more than anything we ask you to please pray for her.

Sumitra Rai

Sumitra used to live in Kuleshor, Kathmandu with her husband Satrughan and daughter Surupa. Her husband used to work in Civil Mall for family daily bread. She also used to work as care giver in a school but in temporary basis but she had left that job because of daughter’s school. She was searching another job after daughter’s school starts. But entire situation has been changed suddenly after 25thApril 2015.
On that day, earthquake struck without any warning. She was at church service with her daughter that time. Husband had night duty and that time he was at home sleeping. After earthquake, she gave a telephone call in his mobile phone but he did not receive that. He had night duty that night too and she and her daughter were terrifying so much so Sumitra went to her relative’s house with her daughter. From there she gave several telephone calls but he did not received phone. Then they went to her rented room to check the situation. She found that the house where they were was completely collapsed due to earthquake. The people from neighborhood told her that there was couple of people inside trapped or dead. The debris from that house completely buried her household stuffs and possessions. The only thing she had were the clothes she was wearing. She tried to search for her husband at relative’s houses and every hospital in Kathmandu but she did not find him. Then she had a doubt that he was buried under the debris of destroyed house.
Nepal Army, police and other relief workers tried to search for her husband on the debris from the second day of major earthquake. After four days of hard works of Armies, Polices, her relatives and other rescue workers, they found the dead body of her husband trapped under that destroyed house. This had been taken out after 4 days. Nepal Police gave her the death certificate and the dead body of her husband. Beside that she did not get any relief from government.
She lost not only her husband but lost all possessions. She was not in condition to search of her stuffs from the debris as she was in grief. After a week she tried to search of her stuffs from the debris but she found that all of her stuffs were stolen at night or taken by my neighbors pretending as their possessions. Now she is on the refuge of her relatives. She became widow and has nothing left. She had lost not only her husband but all the household utensils and possessions as well.
She had just admitted herself on class ONE at Prerana School as she had great desire to learn read and write. But it seems very hard for her to continue it. She is helpless by every mean and not able to survive without support from others.
Sumitra is a committed member of Bethsaida Church – Nepal. Originally she is from Makwanpur district. She is from a back ward ethnic group and she has never been to school. She is 27 years old and has one daughter of 6 years.

WWR is desperately trying to find her somewhere to live and will replace all her household goods.  Please pray that a suitable place will be found as available rooms are hard to find since so many were destroyed.  She is in need of a sponsor, which costs £15 per month, but most importantly will commit to pray for her regularly.  Please contact us if you can help, thank you.

Thank you – we need your help please

April 30, 2015

Thank you for all the prayer support over the past few days, it has been incredible, we need your donations as well now please.

In the UK please donate to our account with The Cooperative Bank

Account number: 65334928

Sort Code: 089299

or if you want to donate by credit card click here:

If you are in the USA then we have an account with BB&T

Account Number 0005234831366

Routing Number 051404260

or you can post a cheque (check!) made out to ‘Women Without Roofs Nepal’ to

WWR, 102 Camelot Crescent, Yorktown, VA 23693

Our women have survived, praise God, but are desperate for food which we need to provide as most don’t have jobs to go to for the time-being.  They live hand-to-mouth anyway and don’t have any funds saved.  We are expecting the cost of food to rocket as supply routes are disrupted and shops are currently bare.  We also want to start rebuilding our staff members’ homes and doing what we can to repair where our women live – few places are waterproof and the cracks are letting in rainwater, monsoon is only a month away.  Each woman has lost so much that we need to replace.  Without cooking equipment they won’t be able to make hot food, vital when hygiene is poor and water scarce.  Mostly we want to offer hope to our women and to let them know there are people who care about them.

One of our partner organisations is poised to go into rural areas with teams of volunteers and dried food and provisions they have obtained from wholesalers.  There has been criticism in the media that international relief is focused only on Kathmandu, so we have chosen to support their work with much needed funds.

All money you give to us will go directly to our team in Nepal, we have no overheads in the UK or US.

You can support us too by liking and sharing this post please.

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