The Team


The trustees of WWR are all committed Christians and have compassion for the women in their care.  They want to do something constructive and positive to help women as so many women in Nepal are homeless, sick, outcasts, lack possessions, and are hungry.  At WWR we seek to alleviate these problems with the help of our supporters.  We wish to show the love of Christ to the people of Nepal.


  Anna spent two years in Nepal with her husband who served with the British Gurkhas.  She combines her love of God with her love of Nepal and its people and is passionate about encouraging more people to work to eradicate poverty.  Anna has an MSc in Poverty Reduction and Development Management.  More of her story can be read on and her research on Gurkhas is available here.


Marilyn has been to Nepal several times and likes to have something to do.  She sees her involvement in the charity as her way of fulfilling Christ’s commission to us all to reach the world.



Nic feels strongly about the many injustices that give rise to poverty.  He was originally a supporter and as he learnt more about the women and their situations decided he wanted to give more time to helping them and became a trustee.



Jan is a nurse from Chipping Campden.  She has visited our ladies several times and quite simply absolutely loves them!  She too was originally a supporter and decided to do more to help.

Occasionally our supporters are able to visit Nepal, Jan writes about her visit here.


We have four key staff in Nepal who are also Christians.  They do a fantastic job meeting, praying with and helping our women.


Bina has been with us right from the start and knows all the women and their situations well.  She wants to help her country of Nepal and this is her way of doing so.




Manju is a wonder!  She is a patient teacher and helps oversee the activities of our women as well as keeping the accounts and providing literacy lessons.  She is always ready to assist our women and makes herself available to them as much as she can.


Sharmilla at Mahima Griha/Glory House

Sharmilla is full of energy and works tirelessly to look after all the residents at our women’s home and meet their multiple needs. She is a fast learner and shows endless compassion towards everyone. Fond of telling a story. she is good fun to be around and a committed Christian.


Mamata is our lawyer and works for WWR for one day each week. She too is a committed Christian and desires to see vulnerable women overcome their difficulties. Her main focus is on securing birth certificates and citizenship for all our women and their children. Without these, our ladies can not exercise their basic human rights,


One thought on “The Team

  1. I felt so overwhelmed and blessed going through the site and the videos .I shall pray for the wonderful work that is going on , may our Lord guide and fill you with His wisdom and kindness.God bless


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