Mahima Griha


At the start of October 2017 Women Without Roofs, and our women, said a fond farewell to Anugraha Ashram/Grace Women’s Home as they moved to a new location in Kathmandu.  Grace Women’s Home has been home to the most vulnerable women we support for the last seven years, but it had become clear that it was time for a change and a new start was necessary.  We are delighted to have found Mahima Griha (Glory House) and are thankful to our staff who worked tirelessly, searching all over Kathmandu, to find it.
The house has five large rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen.  Our staff will be setting up an office here too and all the women we support who live in their own places will now come to Mahima Griha to collect the money WWR provides them with.  Our hope is that the house will become a great meeting place where the women can get together and support one another.

Our vision for the home is articulated here.