Grace Home

Our first residents and staff

In July 2011 we were thrilled to open Grace Women’s Home in the South East of Kathmandu Valley.  There is space for up to 20 women and their children and we provide them with clean rooms, fellowship and food.  We have started a bio-dynamic farm on the site.

  Unlike the rooms that our women in Kathmandu were living in, there is running water and we have installed a back-up electricity source so that they aren’t plunged into darkness during the many powercuts.  The home is far safer in an earthquake than the delapidated buildings the women lived in in heavily built up Kathmandu.

The building at the top is a meeting room where we hold training courses in addition to the sewing and literacy courses we run elsewhere.  Eventually we hope to operate a business on the premises and provide work for our needy women.

The centre costs £750 per month and we still need some support with this.  Please consider if can donate £10 per month to us, we are only a small charity.
Want to see more, then take a look at GoogleEarth:,85.389712&spn=0.001326,0.001778&z=19
or take a look at a video about the home, it is just three minutes long and available on Youtube:
Not only will your money be used to help to provide our women with a home, since we will be renting the property from another charity called Restless Development they will use the funds we give them to assist them in their youth projects across Nepal – it’s a charity Two For One!
Read our vision for the home here

2 Responses to Grace Home

  1. Ruth Fry says:

    It was wonderful to visit Grace Home today and meet all the lovely ladies you support. Thanks for making me so welcome. Hope to see you again soon.


  2. Thank you, we are thankful for your help and support and are so glad you enjoyed it.


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