About WWR

Women Without Roofs (WWR) is a small yet growing Christian Charity based in England that benefits women and their families living in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have a compassionate team of staff that helps women who are on their own and are struggling to survive. There are no social services in Nepal so each woman we support receives money from WWR for rent and medical bills, or she is invited to live at our Grace Women’s Home. Those with children receive extra per child to invest in education and help break the cycle of poverty.

Laxmi and her two children

Each woman we support receives from WWR money for her rent and medical bills.  This gives her security and she knows we are with her for the long term, our staff meet with them regularly.  Those with children receive extra per child.

Often this is enough to get the women back on their feet, however for some of our women there are other issues that they face.  Recently we have helped women provide good nutrition for their children, given them equipment to make items to sell and provided them with all kinds of household furniture and utensils.  It is our aim to break the cycle of poverty in the families we help and so we provide uniforms and pay education costs where needed.

Thank you for reading about Women Without Roofs.  We are always looking for extra supporters and if you can help in any way please contact us:  support@wwr-nepal.org


4 Responses to About WWR

  1. I have just stumbled across your blog and the charity is doing amazing work. I am really praying that the charity continues to grow and touch many lives. Where abouts in Kathmandu is the shop, I would love to visit! 🙂


  2. Hi, it’s in Bansbari, in the north of Kathmandu, it’s rather hard to find as there are no road names but I can give you the number of someone to call if you would like to find it and they will take you there. I’ve loved reading your blog about ‘M’. Beautiful writings.


  3. Cat Isfan says:

    Hi I am helping to support a young family N of Thamel and would love to introduce them to this ministry. Can you please send me a contact for whom the can call?

    Thank you. Cat.


  4. Sorry, this got lost somehow. Please e-mail anna@wwr-nepal.org with their details and situation and I’ll ask someone to call them, thanks for spreading the word


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