Look at our new home!

Just over two weeks ago, our residential ladies moved to a new women’s home. It’s perfect for us and has fantastic views. Here are some shots that Bina took from the office on the first floor.

The landlord at our previous home gave us notice a few months ago as he wanted to sell his property. Our staff and committee members have been busy looking for a new place that is suitable for us. We are very grateful to Samuel, who has been out of work due to Covid (he runs a tourist gallery) and spent hours walking the streets to find this place. There are no lettings agencies or websites listing properties for rent in Kathmandu. Instead, he had to wander about in the area we wished to live in, asking people about the properties he saw.

We were delighted when he found this brand new home; it is located in a municipal ward where we have good relations with the ward officers, which should prove helpful. The facilities are excellent (western toilets, which I greatly appreciate!) and a well-equipped kitchen. Overall, it is smaller than our last place, but it is just as functional, and because it is brand new, everything is in good working order.

We will continue to call the home Mahima Griha (Glory House) since changing the name of our women’s home will involve a lot of paperwork.

Praise God that we found this place. We pray that the fixtures and fittings will remain durable and in good working order. We also hope to stay in a good relationship with the landlord so that any maintenance issues can be readily fixed.

As of today (29th April 2021), Kathmandu has entered another lockdown. We hope a change of scene for our ladies will help this lockdown pass more quickly. We thank God for his perfect timing. We were able to find this place and move into it at the ideal time.


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