Support the hygiene of homeless women

Our partners at Koshish are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine to improve hygiene at their transit home. Please consider making a donation to them, however small, they are doing wonderful work and this is a tangible way to make a big difference. Thank you.

Support hygiene of homeless women

In their own words:

KOSHISH provides short-term emergency residential psychosocial support to marginalized women who are locked, caged, chained, homeless, or abandoned in street even during the COVID-19 pandemic. On average, at a time 30 women reside in quarantine centre &therapeutic safe house of KOSHISH. The staff maintains their hygiene & cleanliness, gives a fresh set of clothes every day, and changes bed-sheets from time-to-time. With the availability of a washing machine, it would be effective to maintain cleanliness.

The women who are brought from the street and abandoned state usually defecate in their clothes and they are not able to maintain the cleanliness. Thus, the staffs have to wash the clothes on a daily basis with their hands. In a day, at least the clothes of 30 in-house women need to be washed. With limited numbers of staff, it is difficult to wash the clothes every day by hand. It requires a lot of manpower and is time-consuming.

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