A unique 🌟 opportunity to watch an incredible film about Nepal before it is released to the public!

WWR would like to invite you to an online pre-release screening of

I am Belmaya.

on Saturday 30th January 2021 at 4 pm GMT (11 am EST/10 am CST).

A story 14 years in the making, I Am Belmaya is a feature documentary set in Nepal, following an uneducated young Dalit woman’s transformational journey from subjugated wife to documentary filmmaker.

I watched the film last night and it is phenomenal, I can’t recommend it enough.

Not only is Belmaya’s situation with an abusive husband and lack of support from her family so typical of the ladies WWR supports, but the room where she lives is just like those our ladies live in. The utensils, buckets and rolled up bedding are like all those our ladies own and use daily. This film is the best insight anyone who supports WWR could have into the lives of our ladies, without actually going to Nepal. Though the film shows some dark moments, it finishes on a high and I laughed and cried as I watched it.

As you can expect from a film about Nepal, the scenery is stunning. This trailer gives you a taste of what to expect. 

Following the film, there will be an optional live Q&A with the director, Sue Carpenter and myself, Anna. 

Please click on the button to get your tickets. A donation of £10 per person is suggested, but you can give more or less. This is a fundraising event and proceeds will be split between WWR, Tideturner films and Belmaya herself. Once you have purchased your e-ticket, reminders and technical requirements will be handled by Tideturner Films and the automatic emails they have set up. Essentially, the screening takes place on Zoom and Tideturner has a friendly techie that anyone can contact at the time of the viewing if they run into problems.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that WWR has a chance to show this film. Please feel free to recommend it to as many of your friends/small groups/churches as possible; I feel certain the film will go on to win awards so this is a special opportunity for WWR.

Anna, Marilyn, Nic & Jan
Trustees of Women Without Roofs – Nepal

For anyone with an interest in the Gurkhas, Belmaya goes to the British Camp in Pokhara and films there. You may be able to recognise some faces.

For more information and to view other clips and images go to www.belmaya.com. The impact goals that the film aims to achieve are given here www.belmaya.com/impact

2 thoughts on “A unique 🌟 opportunity to watch an incredible film about Nepal before it is released to the public!

  1. I wasn’t able to make the screening on Saturday – will there be another opportunity to see this as I was very disappointed to miss it?


  2. Sadly, there’s not another screening in aid of WWR. If you visit http://www.belmaya.com you can enquire there about other chances to watch. The film will be officially released on 11th October 2021. I hope you get to watch, it’s phenomenal.


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