We have a new Women’s Home

This is Mahima Griha, Glory House, and our women moved in last week.


Please click on the Mahima Griha tab above to find out more about it.

Setting up Mahima Griha for the women has incurred a lot of one-off costs.  WWR has been able to provide for all the essential items, such as beds and bedding, however we are still in need of funds to cover the following:

1 x Pressure Cooker                   £23.00
1 x Water Pot                              £4.60
1 x Bucket                                   £4.60
1 x Deep Frying Pan                   £7.00
2 x Washing Bowls for Clothes   £11.50
1 x Sauce Pan                             £6.50
1 x Tea Strainer                           £0.80
Curtains (approx)                        £65.00
Rugs (approx)                             £65.00
6 x Plastic Chairs                        £24.00
1 x Filing Cabinet                        £38.00
1 x Desk and 2 x Chairs             £153.00

If you would like to purchase any of these for the home, please donate here.  Send us an email too, to let us know what you would like us to spend your money on: trustees@wwr-nepal.org

We are also in need of regular donations to help us meet the rental payments for Mahima Griha, if you can help with a regular donation then please e-mail us for a standing order form: trustees@wwr-nepal.org

Above all, we ask that you pray for all the women at Mahima Griha, that they would grow together in love and that they would experience complete healing for all the trauma they have experienced in their pasts.



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